Friday, June 1, 2012

Just a thought...

The other day I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could just eliminate the extra calories we don't use like we do the waste we don't use from our food.   But then I guess our species wouldn't have survived if we hadn't had the ability to store those extra calories as fat for the lean seasons.  What was once a trait necessary for our survival is no longer necessary due to the fact that food is plentiful in the developed world all year long.  We're also not spending most of our day searching for and hunting down our food! 

So there it is - our bodies are only doing what comes naturally and until we evolve physically we'll have to "evolve" our way of thinking about eating and eat only what we need to power our modern lifestyle.  I think we do need to count calories - we should find out how many calories are in our food choices and how much activity is required to burn off those calories.  Maybe then we will make better choices.  It sounds like a lot of work doesn't it, but what's the alternative?  We need to be accountable.

The pictures are of a meal we had last weekend - grilled steak and vegetables.  It doesn't get much easier than this!   The mixed peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus and cherry tomato grilled crisp-tender and lightly seasoned with Clubhouse vegetable seasoning go perfect with a nice steak.  Much tastier than a baked potato with sour cream, and I like the fact that I can fill my plate and not have to worry about empty calories!


  1. That looks so good sis! I could eat a plate full of those vegetables. So delicious looking! I do like a baked potato too though. . . especially with steak. Old habits die hard! Love you! xxoo

  2. Wow - that looks like a great meal - wouldn't mind dropping by for supper!
    Mary x