Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just recently I signed up to receive a newsletter and was entered in a draw for a fabulous gift basket full of soaps, a meditation candle and a healing salve.  I was quite surprised to find the email from Vicki Strom at OJAS Ayurveda and Yoga announcing I had won and would soon be shipped my gift basket.  Who doesn't love to get free stuff!  I am so impressed by the loveliness and quality of these soaps that I have to tell people about them.

I had actually forgotten about the draw until I won and then  I went to the OJAS website to see what they were about and I liked what I read about the company.  Please take the time to follow the link to learn about them.  They are fair trade and ethical and the products are all natural.


These soaps are gorgeous.  They are hand made without added fragrance and smell fresh and clean like soap should.  The lather that comes off these soaps is like silk and not waxy or greasy feeling like soaps made with animal fats.  I really like the feel of it on my skin.

These soaps would make lovely gifts and anyone would be pleased to receive them!  They make a fabulous gift for yourself!

Thanks again Vicki for this lovely gift basket - I will enjoy every luxurious moment!

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